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About Amana Sol

Faithful Sun


I am a true sunshine girl, born in late July, with almost all of my personal planets in Leo. I have lived my whole life in the Southeastern United States, so it's a good thing I love the sun and heat! My given name is Carrie, but I chose my healer name Amana (faithful or loyal) Sol (sun) because it resonates with my soul and better depicts my energy.  Through me, you will receive divine healing, protection and activations from the sun goddess, Sol.

In this life, I have trained with a group of energetic healers under an amazing teacher and have my own style of healing developed by integrating my own past life experiences and knowledge, as well as divine and cosmic instruction. Each session truly is customized by your soul, angels, guides, and teachers working with my own. I listen to your human needs and address them, while working with your soul and my divine guidance to provide you the exact healing that your whole self needs at this time. 

Our sessions will be conducted over a video conference. Typically, each session starts with a discussion, followed by an energetic scan and negative energy clearing, which continues until it is complete. I will connect directly to divine guidance and channel the exact healing and messages your team of love and light advises that you need at this time. This is your time and will be customized in whatever way you need. I encourage you find a quiet, peaceful place where you won't be disturbed, and to sit back or lay down, get comfortable, and just allow whatever comes through. The more receptive you are, the more healing you will receive!

I can't wait to work with you and I am sending you so much love in the meantime!

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