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Divine Connection and Energy

This is a channeled message I was awakened to receive in the wee hours of the new moon this morning. This was in response to questions about energy and our divine connection as my guides have relayed it to me. If it doesn’t resonate with you, that is fine. Your truth may not be my truth. We all receive the truth that we are meant to have at that moment in our own time. But, I wish you well, fellow traveler, and send love and many blessings on your journey either way.

This is the truth as I see it for each and every one of us: As I heal myself energetically and others, those in my energetic vicinity are also healed. And I have been provided evidence to support this. As I raise my vibration and frequency, so too does that of those in my energetic sphere of influence. As I grow my following, I will share this with more and more beings. I have already healed this place I live from a traumatic history and pain. I released trapped and tormented souls by acknowledging their pain and suffering and showing them the peace, comfort, compassion, and grace of God. As I bring in more light and love and anchor it here, it projects and vibrates out into the world and universe. Raising consciousness, raising frequency, raising vibration of the collective.

I am part of a network of many others across all time, space and dimension doing this work in many different ways for the benefit of all. As we work, we push back the darkness and the pain and falsehood of separation from God the Creator, ultimately freeing many from the false imprisonment of belief and opening up their consciousness to remember who they are. We are ONE with God and with ALL. There is no separation. We are not and have never been alone or separate from God and the energies around us. But our programming and the fall from grace puts that veil up that prevents us from realizing our true nature.

It is in this way that you are connected to God, to all. It is in this way that energies can push back the veil of separation and merge and mingle. All creation is constantly in a dance of energies exchanging with one another in the 3rd dimension, and in all the other dimensions where we are usually less aware.

I am projecting my energy across space and time to many through my work and my acceptance of this mission. You too are projecting your energy across space and time. It can look like just a general oneness. Or it can be a more focused intent. This learning is your soul reminding you of the power and connectedness from which you come. We are particularly connected to those our soul recognizes as familiar. And it is here that we begin to learn and understand the nature of energy. Our souls have been through many lives. And it is likely that those you are closest to in this life were in your past lives in other ways. We can be soulmates to many, in different types of connections, and different manifestations in different lives. I believe our children are likely soulmates from other lives because it always seems they have many lessons to teach us, even as we, and the world, assume it is the opposite.

I received a beautiful healing last night from a treasured soul sister (thank you!). My healing was very empowering in reminding me that I, as do we all, have everything I need within. The information downloads are still coming, almost constant, it feels. This is coming from my cosmic library of divine knowing. I had forgotten, as we all have, that my soul is connected to divine intelligence. And all the experience and knowledge of my pasts is also there in my library waiting to be rediscovered. I had lost touch of that.

This post is being shared as a reminder to all that WE ARE ALL ONE. We are all connected through the beautiful divine light of God within us. Our energies are one with the universe around us, ever changing, learning, sharing. Each and every one of us is a unique representation of that God light within us. YOU are beautiful. YOU are whole. WE are beautiful. WE are whole. For the sake of the world and universe as we know it, the universe is asking you to recognize the beauty and wholeness. Recognize the divine love and beauty in you and all around you: people, places, animals, nature. We are creating this universe together. It reflects back to you your own energy. Shine your light. Show your love. In return, you will receive it right back. Nothing can be done to you in this life that your soul cannot handle. You receive all that you need from your divine connection to God.

Much love and blessings to you all! I’m here if you need support.

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