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Experiencing Love and Joy Every Day

How are y'all doing? Are you feeling love and joy every day? I pray that you are, but I have some thoughts to share in case you're not quite there yet. Since I've been vibing in this new frequency of unconditional love through my spirituality and divine connection, I literally feel love for all. I find joy in every day things because I've embraced the connection to God and connection to all. I have really come to understand and accept that we all come from divine source, God. The love and light of God exists in every one of us. And once I began to first believe that each of us is doing the best that we can with the tools that we have, I was able to shine the light and love of God on even those who've hurt me, intentionally or not. I was able to really express sincere forgiveness. And once I could accept that others are deserving of this, I started to realize that I, too, am worthy of this forgiveness and compassion.

When I began to shine the light and love of God and the divine compassion we all hold in our souls on myself, my world truly became shiny, new, and beautiful. I'd like to tell you a story. Recently I was on my morning commute and got behind a school bus in a residential area. I remember thinking, well, in my not so distant past this would have been a real frustration. I took a second to think about how I would have huffed and puffed and said probably aloud, "Well, this is just GREAT! Now I'm going to be stuck here for at least the next 10 minutes!" I would have felt the aggravation and the even uglier thoughts of, "well, this is just my luck!" But on this particular morning, at this particular time, I am aware that I am a divine light being. I am here on this planet to shine divine light, love, and compassion in all 360 degrees around me. My mission is to love, heal, serve myself and all of God's creation. (So is yours, in your own way, using your own unique divine gifts, by the way!)

So, the magic that occurred this particular morning looked like this: I watched from behind the bus as at every single stop there was a parent waiting with their precious child for the bus to arrive. At every single stop, the parent watched lovingly and anxiously as their child ascended the steps and made their way to find a seat. At every single stop, these parents tentatively approached the driver to discuss their child's situation, whatever it was. Literally, this happened at least three times as I sat behind the bus waiting to proceed on with my day. These sweet parents were given the all clear by the driver to approach the window and I watched as each one spoke briefly to the driver. Then, satisfied, each parent stepped back to the side of the road and turned back toward the bus to offer a smile, wave, or just some encouragement to their little one, who I assumed was looking back. Folks, this touched my heart so very deeply. At that moment, I felt the love the parents had for their sweet children. The anxiety for their baby's safety. The vulnerability of taking the time to walk to the stop to wait for the driver in hopes that they would get a few seconds of the diver's time. The sweet bus driver who had a schedule to keep and would surely face complaints if running late, yet still taking the time to hear these parents out. It was absolutely beautiful and I was overcome with emotion. I have so much love and I was receiving so much love back in these few moments. If I had been sitting there in my car under my previous state of unconsciousness, I would have probably literally been shouting to myself every time the parent showed a need to talk to the driver. I can see and hear it now in my mind!

So, the point of my story is the love that is being reflected back to me because I am showering every being with the same. But, the other side of the coin deserves a moment of discussion as well. Every moment I sat unconscious and self absorbedly fuming and complaining about these kinds of situations in the past, guess what, the same reflection was coming back into my life. These are the times when you get cut off in traffic and someone angrily screams obscenities at you while laying on the car horn. Or someone cuts line in a parking lot to take your space. Or jumps in front of you in line at the store. When you find yourself in a state of anxiety, anger, frustration, low self esteem, or stress the world still mirrors back to you what you are projecting! And please understand me, EVERY SINGLE ONE of us starts out this way in this life. It's just a fact. It comes from not remembering where we come from and what lives inside of us. I am not proud of my former persona. But, I don't feel shame because I, too, was doing the best I could with the tools I had at the time. I have forgiven myself for the nastiness and ugliness that was often in my heart. And I have forgiven all those from whom I have received the nastiness and ugliness. We're all doing the best we can, lovelies. But, I can tell you now that your best can become better!

I have another story for you. I recently returned from a trip to the "happiest place on earth." Yeah, that one. I have had visits there many times in the past, which I feel very blessed to be able to say. This trip, however, was very different. I always find it funny that at the happiest place on earth, the biggest portion of your time is spent standing in line waiting to experience something that will be on average probably 2 minutes long. So, past, unconscious me would be in line minding my business and, after a while, finding some irritation with nearly everyone around me. This kid keeps standing too close. That kid keeps whining and squalling and disrupting everyone within earshot. That family is fighting out loud and now we all have to listen to it. Uggggh... Right?

Well, this time I am aware of who I am and my mission in this life. This time I'm aware that whether it is overly obvious or not, everyone has the same divine light and love within them. And just that simple knowledge and intention within me to recognize it made ALL the difference, friends. This experience was truly magical! Everywhere I looked, regardless of the outward expressions, I could see the underlying love that each of these sweet families had for each other. I could recognize that each frustration only comes from the sincerest desire to make their loved ones happy. I felt compassion for all the annoyed parents as they attempted to calm or soothe their tiny ones because I can understand. I felt compassion for the tiny ones even more because, hey, it's hot and we're all exhausted. I did not experience one single moment of anger, frustration, annoyance from others or from myself. And it's because I'm vibrating at such a frequency that only love is being projected, so that is what is being mirrored back to me. It is absolutely glorious!

Now, again, I have a flipside example for you. We are all on a journey and will not be perfect all of the time. At the end of the trip, experiencing dehydration and exhaustion, and slightly annoyed at having to arrive at the airport at 2:30am for a 5:00am flight, I definitely wasn't the best expression of that divine love and light. There were some minor inconveniences and I did get frustrated. I still tried my very best to shine my light in spite of feeling a little frustrated, attempting to assist those in need around me and just be kind, but definitely not my best moments. However, shining a little love and compassion on myself at the moment, I came through it in a much better expression of myself. After all, I'd been sick all the night before, all day, and that night. I hadn't slept that night yet for fear of missing my flight. I was tired and a little disappointed that my trip didn't get to include all the experiences I was looking forward to and, heck, I was hungry. Haha! So, once I showed myself a little compassion, my outlook was brighter and I could shine my light confidently and brightly again.

I hope this has been helpful. If you like the message, but aren't quite there yet, please take a listen to my guided meditation called Divine Connection: Remembering Who You Are at We are all designed for a joyful, loving existence. It is your birthright. If you're not feeling it right now, I encourage you to get started truly connecting to God. I can help if you need assistance.

I love you all so much! Thank you for reading!

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