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The Magic of Coming into Alignment with Self

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Hi everyone! So sorry for the hiatus! But, this blog entry will help explain the reason behind the pause.

Today, I want to talk about the magic of coming into alignment with your higher self. Have you ever had a run of bad luck, feeling off-kilter, just in a bad dang mood? Where you feel like nothing really is going right and you feel like you're stuck there and you have no tangible reason why?

I recently went through a period of time feeling this way, but not even really recognizing it with the inertia of everything going on in my life taking the driver seat. Now that I am coming back into alignment, I can look back and see it so clearly. So, let's discuss.

For me, I had a loss of energy, like a constant fatigue. I was often sick and not feeling well at all. I had a lack of spiritual drive to move my mission forward after a recent time of much progress and feeling like my soul was completely lit up. I didn't understand why and thought it was just the energy around me, astrologically and spiritually, and decided not to stress about it. Fast forward to right now and I realize that I just had abandoned parts of myself and wasn't even aware of it. The major way this manifested was 1) having intuitive inklings of information that I was not trusting; and 2) feeling like I didn't know myself and wondering if I never knew myself at all.

So, I made a decision to make some changes when the energies caused my situation to literally slap me in the face. It was like a spiritual, "Hey! What the heck are you doing??! This isn't you!" Like all of a sudden a light was shining on it and I realized what I thought I was happy with was not meeting my needs because, guess why! I wasn't assuring that my own needs were met. So the universe mirrored this back to me in such an obnoxious way finally that I literally could no longer ignore it! I recognized it instantly when it came up in this way and I immediately took action (my masculine energy came through) to show the ultimate love for myself and put a stop to the situation.

So, now, what I can tell you is that ignoring my intuition and not expressing my needs caused exactly that to be mirrored back in the form of other situations in my life. My needs were not being met externally at all because my needs were not being met by my own energy. And let me tell you, YOU have to meet your own needs first! You have to love yourself enough to do that boldly and compassionately. Once you can express this compassion to yourself, you will find that the universe expresses it back to you in your external circumstances as well! You will find that when you look after yourself first, the world around you becomes more conscientious and aware of you. You start to meet your own needs and find that the world around you follows suit. And once you make the needed adjustments, the universe will applaud and celebrate you by the weight being lifted. Lighter energies surround you and your mood consequently improves. I swear, you may even find the sun shining a little brighter!

It is as simple as you coming into a higher vibration, higher frequency, alignment with your soul and your divine identity that causes you to magnetically pull in all that is in your highest good. If you're familiar with Abraham Hicks and your "vortex," alignment is how you begin to pull these manifestations into your 3D existence.

The other important piece of this is gratitude. Once you start to come into alignment, you will begin to feel gratitude for essentially everything - even the situation that acted as the lesson you needed to experience in order to advance, even though it may have caused you some pain or discomfort. When you come into this high vibration, you recognize that everything that comes into your life is for your highest good ultimately, even if it takes you awhile to understand or accept this.

It also comes back to trust. I wrote a blog recently about manifesting and, as I stated in that blog, trust is the secret sauce to manifestation. Trusting that the universe, or God, or supreme creator (what - or whom - ever you believe in) knows exactly what is needed in your experience for your highest good. When you are in alignment with your higher self, you intuitively, and by following the energies in your energy field, know what is in your highest good to manifest. (Disclaimer here: as mentioned in my previous blog about manifesting, you need to endeavor to manifest the feeling or experience that you desire in your life, but do not attach specific details or identities to these manifestations. The universe knows how best to give you what you are looking for! Trust it!)

I also need to mention the fact that these often-unpleasant bouts with feeling out of alignment can be altogether avoided, even while learning the lesson, if you only trust your intuition! Had I originally trusted my intuition and "followed my gut" as they say, I could have avoided most, if not all, of this discomfort! The universe gives you the intuitive inklings and if you do not trust and follow them where they're guiding you, well, then, the universe has to kick it up a notch to get your attention. Makes sense, right? Because ultimately the universe is on your side, providing you exactly what you need to reach the highest and best version of yourself. It's the whole name of the game because this is when you can learn your mission and begin to put the pieces in place that you need in order to support it. Just don't forget that it is ultimately in your highest good and be sure to show some gratitude for it! In addition to that, once you begin to trust your intuition, it acts like a muscle that you've just began exercising and you will find it gets stronger and stronger, the more you allow it to work for you and not against you! (This is a paradigm shift to accepting that you're not crazy and that your intuition is accurate and it does take practice!)

It is my hope that this information can help someone - even if it is just one person - to get themselves on track and into alignment without the pain and discomfort. If anyone needs help with this, please take a look at my healing offerings and see if you feel called to work with me. We can address all of this in a healing session and I can assure you that what comes of it will be for your highest good because that is the intention we will set before we begin. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or need support. I am sending all of you so much love and light!! 💖💖💖

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